Education by Design

In 2018, Punahou School published “Education by Design,” an 88-page publication showcasing the transformation of Punahou School’s campus during the tenure of its president, Jim Scott, who arrived in 1994 and will be retiring in June 2019. During this 25-year period, the School shifted from having mostly functional facilities to creating inspiring, student-centered learning environments.

The School gained 411,243 square feet in new learning environments to the tune of $200 million during this period. But more impressive is the fact that each new environment expresses an ambitious vision for the future of education. This book is about the principles and lessons that guided that journey. It documents many of the insights and processes that have now become part of Punahou’s physical landscape, as well as its valuable institutional memory. The hope is that sharing these lessons may serve others that similarly seek to bring their educational missions to life through physical spaces.

View the full publication online below, and get a glimpse into the vision, planning details, fundraising efforts and careful execution of various capital projects Punahou School took on in the last quarter century under President Jim Scott’s leadership.