Teachers Strand Brings Together Global Educators

The three-day Global Education Teachers Strand brought together educators from nine different countries. During the fifth annual workshop, which coincided with Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI), teachers discussed and explored what it means to be a global educator.

Academy principal Emily McCarren set the tone for the conference by introducing her philosophies on global learning. She outlined three different phases. The first is understanding oneself, one’s community and embracing diversity, which starts as early as kindergarten. The second phase is understanding today’s diverse reality, such as globally different religions, foods and norms. This experience can be gained through travel. The last phase is working with diversity to create something together.

Just as SGLI is about creating something together, so is the teachers strand. “It’s about creating understanding, relationships and new learning environments,” said McCarren, who added that a collective sharing is inspired by the belief that “all students are our students.” After all, she said, the purpose of education is to create a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

In addition to McCarren’s words, talks given by President Jim Scott ’70, and Ivee Cruz and Miki Tomita, who have been closely involved with the Worldwide Voyage and Hōkūleʻa, inspired teachers during the conference. Garrett Tyau ’96, a history teacher and dean from the Polytechnic School in California, and Ed Torrico, an English teacher at Gakushuin Girls’ High School in Tokyo, Japan, agreed that the speeches were their favorite part of the conference.

Teachers also dove deep into guided activities and enjoyed many opportunities to share their own experiences with each other. “They were such engaged educators,” said facilitator and Academy English teacher Maureen MacLeod. “The success of the conference was in the conversations. Each teacher left with a concrete action plan they could take home with them.”