Supporting the School in Perpetuity

Communications Staff

Over 100 donors to endowed funds gathered in the President’s Pavilion on Feb. 22 to celebrate their timeless investment in Punahou’s students, faculty, programs and campus through the School’s endowment.

“Everyone here has supported something that will live beyond you, your children and your grandchildren – and that will shape the School forever,” said President Jim Scott ’70, underscoring the importance of a healthy endowment which allows the school to innovate. “Endowment is a perpetual gift – one that will give forever, if well-stewarded. Endowments are the cornerstone of a healthy institution, and building the Punahou endowment has been an important priority of our Ku’u Punahou Campaign.” Since the campaign’s quiet launch in 2013, the School’s endowment has grown by more than $40 million.

Connie Lau ’70, who heads the Trustee Investment Committee, shared encouraging news about the endowment’s growth, which continues to outperform internal and external benchmarks. It currently has a market value of $263 million and has grown by over $78 million in the last 10 years. More importantly, Punahou’s endowment has provided $73 million for School priorities during that time, including faculty professional development, educational programs and need-based student financial aid.

Sophomore Siya ’20 thanked the donors on behalf of other students at Punahou by sharing how important her educational journey at Punahou has been.

“The Punahou community is very diverse, with students from all backgrounds,” said Siya. “Living amongst this diversity, being able to admire the talents and abilities of our peers helps us to respect and care for each other. We are taught more than just academics. We are taught to see people for what they do, rather than what they have. We are taught to act with integrity and support each other – qualities that students carry on with them after graduation and beyond. That is the power of a Punahou education.”

As a recipient of financial aid, Siya also reminded the audience that, “When students are provided with financial aid, it creates a lasting impact on their life. I know for a fact that many of my peers and I can’t imagine what life would be like without this place that we call our second home. Because of Punahou, we are able to make our dreams and aspirations a reality. That is why we are here celebrating today: because you all help us do exactly that.”