Support for the Arts: Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong (right) and daughter Isabella ’20.

Elizabeth Wong’s dedication to the arts has had a tangible impact on thousands of Punahou students’ lives. She and her late husband, Wallace, were supporters of Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood’s art and music spaces, which are central to the instructional vision for Punahou’s youngest children.

More recently, Wong made a generous gift to support the second floor art classrooms in the Quilter Lab for Creative Arts, which will reinforce the continuity in creative expression for students as they move from the Omidyar Neighborhood to the Kosasa Community. Her daughter, Isabella ’20, is a gifted violinist and as Wong has watched her flourish over the years, her appreciation for the ways in which the performing arts contribute to young people’s growth has only deepened.

“I have always hoped that, through giving to Punahou, we will inspire other children to take an interest in the arts, which add texture and depth to their educational experience and to life as a whole,” says Wong. “Art and music aren’t bound by borders or cultures. Regardless of who we are, where we are from, or what language we speak, art and music are universally understood. They give students confidence, joy, creative skills and stress relief, and I believe they are avenues for children to freely express their voices with their hearts.”