Art of Teaching

Punahou is committed to sustaining a vibrant culture of professional renewal among faculty, who are reinventing the art of teaching. It is the thoughtfulness and dedication of our faculty that inspires students to face the world’s challenges with leadership and vision. A healthy school attracts exceptional teachers by cultivating curiosity, creativity, innovation and collaboration – qualities that nurture our students allowing them to thrive. 

Professional development opportunities for educators advances their instruction and growth, bridging the worlds of theory and practice. Faculty fellowships allow teachers dedicated time to enrich and deepen their practice, and apply their learning to the instructional program of the School. 

“As teachers, we are charged with creating global learners who are open-minded and not afraid to get out of their comfort zones. If I’m not willing to do that, how can my students learn that from me? Getting out of your comfort zone is the best learning anyone can do.”

Joshua Lawrence, Academy Science Teacher