Grandparents and “grandfriends” are often deeply committed to our students’ education, and Punahou recognizes the invaluable role they play in supporting their families.

Grandparent Council

Formed in September 2015, the Grandparent Leadership Council helps Punahou School engage current grandparents in the life of the school. The Grandparent Leadership Council offers valuable guidance on ways for Punahou to better connect with the grandparent community, encourages grandparent participation in the life of the School, and seeks to raise awareness of the educational priorities of the Ku‘u Punahou Campaign for Punahou School.


Jeff and Lynn Watanabe
(Grades 1, 3* and 6)
Trustee Chairs

* Two grandchildren at this grade level


Grandparent CouncilGrade Level
Jim ’49 and Mary Ann Bell9, 11, 12
Paul and Diane Bennett2, 4
Harlan ’59 and Kalei Kenney ’61 Cadinha6, 2017
William and Brenda Chee4, 7
David and Margaret Cole3
Tony ’62 and Wendy Crabb12
Mitch and Bambi D’Olier2, 5
Peter and Sara Magoon ’64 Dudgeon9*, 11
Kenton and Hannelore Eldridge5, 8
David ’58 and Sharon Cook ’57 Fairbanks11
Sanford and Jill Friedman3
Howard H. Hamamoto2011, 2013
Leslie and Betsy Hata3
Dr. Dennis ’58 and Kathryn Hirota2, 5, 8
Ronald and Ann Ho4, 6
Julia Sia ’46 Ing2000, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2011
Larry ’58 and Claire Olsen ’58 Johnson2009, 2012, 2013, 2016
Bert and Susan Kobayashi8, 10
Bert and Harriet Kobayashi3, 4, 10*, 12, 2011
Amy Kuba10, 12
Merton and Claire Lau9, 2017
Ricardo and Dr. Rosita Leong6, 9, 10, 12
Tan Tek ’53 and Wai Ling Lum8
Elahe Omidyar Mir-Djalali9, 11
Maury and Jean Myers10, 11
Larry and Dorothy Nitta2, 4
Michael ’64 and Judy Pietsch2, 4, 5
James C. Reynolds ’602, 4, 9, 10
Jean Kelley ’54 Rolles4
Patricia Wilcox ’62 Sheehan9, 11
Marti S. N. Steele3*
Dennis and Brenda Teranishi7*
Sharon Twigg-Smith9
Sidney and Diane Uyetake2
Jeff and Lynn Watanabe
Trustee Chairs
2, 4*, 7
Edward and Kathryn Weldon7, 11*
Drs. William and Margaret Lai Won5, 11, 2017
Loretta Luke ’64 Yajima and Tyler Yajima ’642, 4
Errol and Andy Yim8

* Two grandchildren at this grade level

For more information about how grandparents can contribute to the campaign, contact Jill Higashi, Director of Annual Giving.

Kirsten Spilker
Director of Leadership Annual Giving

Jill Higashi
Annual Giving Coordinator