Punahou’s endowment is a sustainable funding source that provides current and future revenue streams to support the School’s educational mission and vision. The endowment consists of over 600 separate restricted and unrestricted funds established over many years for a wide variety of purposes, with a total market value of $247.4 million as of June 30, 2016. This includes $224.4 million in Punahou funds and $23 million in externally managed trusts.

Campaign Goal

In addition to raising funds for immediate use, the School aims to add $60 million in new dollars to its endowment (distributed across various priorities).

How It Works

A percentage of the entire endowment is used each year to support the designated purpose of each individual fund. There are three types of endowed funds that make up the endowment:

  • An endowed financial aid fund may be established with a minimum outright or pledged gift of $25,000, and the pledge period can be spread over five years
  • A general program or unrestricted fund may be established with a minimum outright or pledged gift of $25,000, and the pledge period can be spread over five years
  • A restricted endowed program fund may be established with a minimum outright gift or pledged gift of $100,000, and the pledge period can be spread over five years

Unrestricted funds within the endowment generate income to fund the operations of the school and specific needs that the school identifies. Restricted funds direct income to financial aid or provide support for faculty, programs and facilities. Punahou’s Advancement staff work with donors to determine the best direction for the use of their funds, within the scope of the needs of the School and in accordance with the donor’s wishes.

Gifts contributed to the endowment are considered principal and remain invested in a pooled fund. Each named endowed fund is held in perpetuity, where it is unitized and tracked on an individual account basis. Endowed funds can be established with a minimum outright or pledged gift of $25,000, and subsequent contributions may be added at any time, in any amount, by anyone. Many people establish funds and give to them annually.

Types of Endowed Funds

Currently there are 408 endowed named financial aid funds and 200 unrestricted and program funds that support Punahou each year.

Financial Aid Funds. These funds provide financial aid resources, enabling Punahou to build a diverse student body that reflects Hawai'i's socioeconomic and ethnic demographics. The income distribution from these funds typically provides over half of the financial aid awarded to Punahou students. Student financial aid recipients are advised of the endowed fund that supports their education, and receive a short history of the fund and the people it honors. See the Changing Lives Challenge for an impactful gift matching opportunity.

Program Funds contribute to a variety of programs and activities at Punahou. Their income is restricted to specific uses as defined by agreement between Punahou and the donor. Program funds support faculty and staff, curriculum development, and specific areas of study and activity across the campus, such as Athletics, Art, Ethics, Global Education, Hawaiiana, Music, Public Service, Sustainability and Technology.

Legacy Funds are named endowed funds, which generate income for the school's unrestricted operational use.

Endowed Program Funds


Class of 1953
Class of 1967
Colleen Akita
Edward Aotani
Elizabeth Kirsch ’53 Bell
Max Hazlett ’01
Johnson and Jennie ’42 Lau
Nicolai Family
Anka Rohr


Class of 1952
William Bahrenburg ’54
Baseball Fund
Erma Metz Brown
Charles Reed Hemenway Jr. 1924
Elizabeth Waterhouse Hurd
Melvin ’68 and Christine Ing and Jennifer Laureanoclaudio
Denis ’59 and Diantha ’61 Leong
Michael McCormack ’52
Mike N. Nishihara ’80
John Emory Parks IV ’56
Skip Pennington
Reid Sano ’10
Ken A. Smith
A.C. Waterhouse

Chapel, Ethics, Community Service

Class of 1938
Class of 1941
Leland Chow ’77
Raymond and Estelle Kong
K. J. Luke Center for Public Service
Obana Family
Andrew Oishi and Laurie Tam ’80
Chaplain Kenneth O. and Doris A. Rewick
William K. and Rita G. Wong Family
Douglas Q. L. Yee ’61
Lynette Kau ’58 Yee
Foo Gin Yuen


Daniel H. Case III ’75
Lt. Col. Belmont Forsythe
John F. Fox
Howe House
K – 1 Outdoor Education
Leighton ’74 and Lani Lam Family
Lianne Yee ’77 Liu
Bob ’38 and Evanita Summer ’39 Midkiff
Claire Radway
Lara Jane Taylor
Wolff Family
Janet and Tim ’44 Yee Family

English and Drama

Damon Trust
Elroy M. Fulmer
Steve Hayashi ’62
Darrell, Cathy and Nicki ’18 Lee
Molly Webster ’34 Lyman
J. Anderson O’Neil
Ames A. Scott ’62
Patty Smith ’80

Facilities and Campus Resources

Class of 1935
Class of 1944
Howard H. Bell and Frances Trotter ’40 Bell
Frank and Grace Berger
Arthur Bradford
Mary Moragne ’54 Cooke
Faculty and Staff K – 1 Garden
John ’72, Susan Cooling ’72, Sarah ’01, Robby ’03, Charles ’06 and Jimmy ’09 Field
Josephine Flanders Dance Pavilion
Howard Goss ’43
Monte Hickok ’60
Lei Oi and Chun Hoon
E. B. MacNeil
Mary Tiernan ’35 Orenstein
Elizabeth Dole ’28 Porteus
E. Victor Cotta Schoenberg ’30
Maurice J. Sullivan

Faculty and Staff Support

Class of 1942
Class of 1954
Paul “Doc” Berry
Barbara Hanley Campbell
Frank Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. David Cole
Marshall M. Goodsill and Herbert C. Cornuelle
Carol Santoki ’54 Dodd
Henry H. “Hank” Fordham Jr.
Virginia E. Godbold
Col. William F. Haning Jr.
Allan K. ’57 and Dana Harimoto ’59 Izumi Family
William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation
Lucile M. Larsen
Hon Kau, Alice L. and Shirley ’66 Lee
Lynn G. Levinson
Dr. William Loui ’78 Family
Dr. Richard Mamiya Family
Roderick McPhee and D. Hebden Porteus ’29
Parent Faculty Association
Frances M. Porteus
D. Kenneth Richardson ’48 +
Philip and Mady Howard ’71 Smith
George Tanaka ’42 Family
Bernice Ching Wo (1920)

Guest Speakers

Class of 1950
Class of 1966
Albert C. K. Chun Hoon

Hawaiian Studies

Lawrence N. Brown ’69 and Zadoc W. Brown ’35
Hattie Louise Leilehua Eldredge ’66 Phillips
Oscar Fred Shepard

International Studies

Class of 1943
Man Sing (1924) and Man Hing ’32 Au
Frank Boas +
Andy ’50 and Kay Ichiki
Clyde Kaneshiro
Ben and Miriam ’37 Lau
K. J. Luke Family
Akio and Yoshiko Morita
Hope K. Staab


Adventures in Japanese
Dr. Robert L. Pekarsky

Legacy Funds (Unrestricted Support)

Class of 1955
Class of 1964
Class of 1970
Class of 1973
Class of 1978
Class of 1979
Class of 1983
Class of 1984
Class of 1986
Class of 1988
Class of 1989
Class of 1993
Class of 1994
Class of 1995
Class of 1997
Class of 1998
Class of 1999
Class of 2000
Class of 2001
Class of 2002
Class of 2003
Class of 2004
Class of 2005
Class of 2006
Class of 2007
Class of 2008
Class of 2009
Class of 2010
Class of 2011
Class of 2012
Class of 2013
Class of 2014
Class of 2015 +
Mary S. Bell Family
Peter R. Butler ’49
Kin and Lenore Ching Family
Floyd and Martha Midkiff ’38 Fitzpatrick
Lester H. and Alice Ackerman ’35 Gamble
Mary J. Leong ’89 Gokongwei
Hata Family
Delwyn Toshiaki Jo Family
E. Alison Kay ’46
Jeffrey “Buzzy” ’64 and Dianne Lee
Stephen and Susan Metter
Murphy Family
Robert and Emi Ogawa
Adrian Muffy Perry ’67 Ohlmeyer
Punahou Memorial Legacy Fund
Theodore ’21 and Raegan ’23 Bruhl +
J. Radford ’84 and Alissa Brownrigg ’83 Small
Hope K. Staab

Library and Archives

Frank Cooke Atherton (1894)
Richard Borden ’35
Earl Po-wen Ma ’89
Elizabeth Loy McCandless (1922) Marks
Lydia Sutherland ’41 Young


Dr. Francis “Miki” Bowers ’45
Charles Marsland, Jr. ’40 and Charles F. Marsland III ’73


Arthur Y. and Misako M. Akinaka
Eleanor S. Atherton
Juliette Atherton (1863)
Dale Bechtel
Ian ’51 and Janet Cooke
Muriel and Irving Goldstein
Isabel Haran
Maryanne King
Joyce Margaret Kuok
Clinton Seu Cue and Irene Fo Hou Lee
Jodoi Lum +
Peter Mesrobian
Richard and Duk Hee Murabayashi
Olivia De Jane and Michael Nakasone
Thomas Proctor Jr.
Rafaela P. Valentin
Kathryn Kennard Vaught
Roy T. and Marjorie H. Tanoue
Saburo Watanabe String Quartet +


Paula and Agatin Abbott
Hennrich Family
Jeremiah Johnson
Henry Y. H. Kim ’61
Joe Dacey and Mary Ann McCrea ’53
Tracey Teruya ’88
Wally Waterhouse

Student Support

Frank Ching ’53 and Charley Kearns
Class of 1965
Expanding Horizons
Hala Tree
Joe and Choy Shee Loo
Christy K.H. Lopes ’03
Michael McPhee
Tita Pang
Punahou Alumni Association
Punahou O-Men and Buddy Soares
Ken ’61 and Adrienne Brown ’62 Sexton
Slingerland New Horizons
Mark Allen Thacker ’78


Class of 1965
Class of 1975
Institute for Thought Leadership
Roy and Estelle L. Kelley
Sally Leung

Endowed Financial Aid Funds

Class Funds

Class of 1936
Class of 1937
Class of 1940
Class of 1941
Class of 1944
Class of 1945
Class of 1946
Class of 1947
Class of 1948
Class of 1949
Class of 1952
Class of 1953
Class of 1954
Class of 1956
Class of 1957
Class of 1958
Class of 1959
Class of 1960
Class of 1961
Class of 1962
Class of 1963
Class of 1966
Class of 1967
Class of 1968
Class of 1969
Class of 1971
Class of 1972
Class of 1974
Class of 1975
Class of 1976
Class of 1977
Class of 1979-Paula Kurashige
Class of 1980
Class of 1981
Class of 1982
Class of 1985
Class of 1986
Class of 1987
Class of 1990
Class of 1991
Class of 1992
Class of 1993
Class of 1994
Class of 1996

Named Funds A – C

Mary Charlotte Alexander (1892)
Martha E. Alexander
Samuel T. Alexander
William P. (1912) and Alice B. (1911) Alexander
Alexander and Lydia Anderson
Dorothy Beardmore (1921) Anderson
R. Alexander Anderson (1912)
Laura Marie Andrews ’86
Robert S. Andrews (1896)
Charles Teetai Ane Jr. ’49 and Marilyn Blaisdell ’48 Ane Family
Frank Cooke Atherton (1894)
Joseph B. Atherton
Kate Marion Atherton (1892)
Aunt Lani
Frances Cannon ’29 Avery
Nancy Shedd ’40 Bailey +
Dr. Robert F. and Amelia Bailey
Emily A. Baldwin (1863)
Molly Johnson ’57 Beaton
Leilani Becker ’34
Donald W. Bell +
Frank Berger
Sybil Moseley Bingham
Charles R. Bishop
Elias Bond (1866)
M. E. Zillah Bowen
William Spencer Bowen (1905)
Dr. Francis “Miki” Bowers ’45
Frank (1920) and Laura (1921) Bowers
Julia J. K. Bowers ’78
Richard Webster Boyden ’44
Edward W. ’43 and Barbara S. Broadbent
Barbara J. Brodhead ’60
Frederic and Frances Kay ’46 Brossy
Kie and Gail Brown
Robert P. Bruce
Alexander “Zander” G. Budge ’41
John Warren Bustard ’36
Alice Hopper (1909) Cameron
Jack Canfield
Alfred L. Castle Jr. ’28
Charles Alfred Castle (1864)
George P. Castle (1869)
Ida Beatrice Castle
Mary Castle
Samuel N. Castle (1896)
William R. Castle (1868)
Alex Castro ’35
Celia W. Chamberlain
Warren Chamberlain (1925)
Aaron ’40 and Mavis ’70 Chaney
Darwin Chang ’50
Hollis Chang ’58
Peter C.-P.’61 and Lynette Char
Chattergy Family
Cheung Family +
Ho Ming and Susanna Cheung
Clinton K.L. ’52 and Alice Jean Ching +
Hung Wo Ching and Elizabeth Lau Ching
Dr. Jonathan Y. C. Ching ’68
Kim Ak and Katherine Lum (1927) Ching
Carty Chock ’86
Leonard Chun Family
Ephraim Weston Clark
Geraldine Putman ’41 Clark
Susan Gardner Clark
Alton ’87 and John ’88 Clingan
Titus Coan (1856)
Harriet Castle (1865) Coleman
Amos Starr Cooke
Anna C. Cooke (1868)
Charles Montague Cooke Jr. (1893)
Clarence H. Cooke Jr. (1924)
Harrison R. and Dorothea Cooke
Lila Lefferts Cooke
Marion B. (1912) and Elizabeth F. ’45 Corneliussen
Eli Corwin
Cox Family
Crowe Family
Christopher Cusack ’39

Named Funds D – F

Cyril F. Damon (1911)
Francis (1869) and Bernard (1915) Damon
Samuel C. Damon
William F. Damon (1874)
Daniel Dangaran ’11 +
Anne and Lee Davis
Hiram ’59 and Trudi de Fries
Alexandra G. Desbien (1900)
David M. Dibrell
Bayard Dillingham ’35
Benjamin F. Dillingham ’34
Emma L. Dillingham (1863)
Walter F. (1889) and Louise Dillingham
George Dobson (1921)
Charlotte Peabody Dodge (1902)
David P. T. Dolan ’72
Sanford Ballard Dole (1864)
James E. Doole Jr.
Charles Bishop Dwight III ’43 +
Aaron ’92 and Angela ’93 Eberhardt
David P. Eldredge III ’49
Espania Family
Kawika Fairbanks ’88
Jonah Kale Fern ’94
Woody Fern ’62
E. K. (1923) and Rose Fernandez
Kane Fernandez ’54
Floyd and Martha Midkiff ’38 Fitzpatrick
Anderson Oliver Forbes (1847)
Lani Achor ’59 Ford
Aileen Gibb (1915) Forrest
John F. and Helen Fox
Walter F. (1881) and Mary Dillingham (1888) Frear
J.C. and Kristi Chang ’86 Frey Family
Camden ’24 and Dylen ’20 Fujimoto +
Frank L. “Tad” ’28 and Amy D. ’31 Fullaway

Named Funds G – I

Ada Jones (1889) Gartley
Helen T. Gowans
Louis ’40 and Jean Gowans
Porter (1859) and Harriet P. (1860) Green
Helen C. Griffiths
Stuart E. Gross Family
Dakota, Calvin and Sierra Haimoff-Cockrell
Damon Haimoff ’85
Joanne Russell Hamamoto
Mark Hanington +
Father Kirby Hanson ’52
Ernest H. Hara ’28
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Edmund Hedemann (1905)
William Taylor Heinrichs
Sherwood ’36 and Evalyn Heiser
Cleo Hensold
Howard ’62 and Mary Higa
Roland Higgins
Eleanor Aileen Forrest ’37 Hillar and Paul M. Hillar
Herbert H. Hirano
Edward Griffith Hitchcock (1853)
Harvey Rexford Hitchcock (1860)
Mary Castle (1852) Hitchcock
Adele C. and Albert K. T. ’33 Ho
Heather Malia Ho ’87
Philip T. S. and Betty U. Ho
Florence Hodgson
Venus Gay (1925) and Walter W.H. (1924) Holt
James Koon Inn ’39 and Rita Ivy Lowe Hong
Ellen L. Hopper
James A. Hopper
Frank A. Hosmer
Ian William Hossack ’58
James H. Hutchinson ’49
Charles McEwen Hyde
James Iams

Named Funds J – L

Allison Higa ’86 and Gregory Jackson, Jr. +
Dr. Harold Johnson
Paul A. Johnson (1924)
Alice Hall Jones (1869)
Cornelia Hall (1861) Jones
Edwin Austin Jones (1882)
Albert Francis Judd (1860)
Gerrit P. Judd (1905)
Helen Seymour Judd (1846)
Henry Pratt Judd (1897)
Henry J. Kaiser
Dr. Melvyn Kaneshiro Family
Marian and Lester Kaneta
Joli Quentin Kansil
Kawano Family
Rolland ’31 and Gertrude Kilburn
Harold Spence Kirkham ’66
William H. and Mark A. ’78 Knowlton
Ah Jook Leong Ku
Alex Christopher Lam ’12 +
Lance ’81 and Leslie-Ann Lum ’88 Kurata
Thomas K. H. and Lillian H. Lau
Richard Y. C. Lee ’86
Shirley M. Lee ’66
Leong-Saturnia Family
Daniel Levey ’01
Alice J. Lewis (1899)
Anthony (1875) and William Orr (1908) Lidgate Kenneth (1908), Elsie (1913) and Dora (1916) Lidgate
Katherine Hopper (1906) Livingston
Stanley ’35 and Martha Livingston
Albert Edward Lloyd ’39
Ben Logasa
Paul C. T. ’48 and Violet Shaw Loo
Alice L. Lowrey
Helen Storrs Lowrey (1906)
Reverend David Belden Lyman

Named Funds M – O

Michael MacKinnon ’98
Wilbur J. MacNeil
Howard and Shizuko Maesaka
Samuel K. Mahelona (1903)
John W. Mahony
Makee Family
Manawa Kupono
Frederick J. Markham (1913)
Dolores Furtado ’28 Martin
Pauline Lincoln Masunaga
Damien Matthews ’99 and Laurie Yonemoto ’99 +
Doris Duisenberg ’38 Maxey
Frank and Irma McCreary
David Ka‘aumoana McKenney ’83
Rod and Sharon McPhee
McTamaney Family +
Helen Castle (1875) Mead
Megorden Family
T. Clifford Melim ’43
Scott P. Metcalf ’74 +
Frank and Ruth (1911) Midkiff
Ross Miho ’86
Daniel Mindich +
Dr. and Mrs. Edison Miyawaki Family
Harriet Rice ’28 Moody
Howard H. Moore (1927)
John Moorefield and Tiffany Farrell ’91
James F. ’38 and Lila Larsen ’40 Morgan
John W. Mullen ’50
Robert “Joe” Muller ’58
Maury and Jean Myers
Na Wahine Pa‘ani o Punahou
Ellen Nazuna Nakai
Carol and Charles Nakamura
Sarah Y. ’08 and Kayla Y ’13 Nanbu +
Ruby P. Newton
Benjamin Frank and Avalee Durham Nicholls
Mike N. Nishihara ’80
Barack Hussein Obama ’79
James (1923) and Dorothy Martin (1922) O’Dowda

Named Funds P – R

Paul Panfiglio ’68
Donald Parker ’62
Brenda Parsons ’57
Persis Hawaii Foundation
Patricia Kelley ’55 and Gerald “Pete” Petrequin
Charles J. Pietsch III ’60
Leslie Long ’39 Pietsch
Margaret Hustace ’61 Pietsch
Pikake Fund
Robert D. Pope ’51
D. Hebden ’29 and Elizabeth D. ’28 Porteus
Lillian Lowrey ’38 Power and Richard W. Power
Peter A. Powlison ’40
C. Dudley 1918 and Dora 1919 Pratt
Joan C. Pratt ’47
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Boyd Pratt
Pueo Foundation
Punahou Alumni Association
Punahou Alumni Association Southern California
Punahou Athletic Club
Punahou O-Men
Punahou O-Men Athletic
Punahou O-Men/James Tagupa
Myra Akerman ’56 Purdom
Frank L. “Jack” Purnell Jr. ’40
Andrade Radway
Rachan ’90 and Claire Reddy
Richard F. Regan and Peter J. Hanley
Mary S. Rice
Willam Harrison and Mary Sophia Rice
Mary Atherton Richards
Albert ’31 and Ann Robinson
Allen G. Robinson (1904)
Mary K. Robinson
Riley D. and Virginia O. Robinson
Row Family
Alexander G.D. and Mary A. Rust

Named Funds S – U

Liceria C. and Fortunato C. Saldania
Edith Wurdeman Sawyer
Etsuo and Yaeko Sayama Family +
Frederick A. Schaefer III ’38
Marcus Kamehameha Schutte Jr. ’51
Robert C. ’48 and Lynn S. Schwartz
James K. Scott ’70
Harold ’33 and Audrey Sexton
Leo Lloyd Sexton Jr. ’30 and Eleanor W. Sexton ’37
Wade E. and Barbara Guard ’34 Sheehan
George and Laura (1889) Sherman
Walton K.T. Shim, M.D.
Belle Shoemaker (1927)
Irving L. Singer
Patricia Louise Smith ’80
Tamara Story Ota and Karen Story Snow +
Chui Ying Soo
Charlotte Juanita Leiokalani Spohler (1923)
Ann M. Stangenwald (1860)
C. V. Starr
Martha Cooke (1920) Steadman
Kameron Steinhoff ’08
Louise Stevenson ’33
Sugihara Family
Joanna Lau Sullivan
Sultan Family
George W. Sumner Jr. ’45
John Susott
Tao of Clay
Teachers and Coaches +
Teranishi Family
Myron ’43 and Laura ’43 Thompson and O-Men
Robert S. Thurston Jr. ’41
Shaun S. Tokumura ’97
Jeanie Munro Towill
Lorraine Traut ’29 Carson and Gladys Traut (1916)
Milford and Vashti Trump
C. Eric Reppun ’34, Carl Eric Reppun ’65 and Molly Grounds ’34 Reppun Tubbs
Mark Tuinei ’78
Thurston ’38 and Sharon Twigg-Smith

Named Funds V – Z

Evelyn Strode ’39 and Ralph Van Orsdel
Herman von Holt (1912)
Keith ’45 and Mary Lou ’45 Wadsworth
Peter Wakatake ’55
Russell Parke Walbridge (1913)
David Munro Walker ’41
Brian Watanabe ’66
Elizabeth P. Waterhouse (1922)
Mrs. J. T. Waterhouse Sr.
Wallace A. Waterhouse
Charlie Wedemeyer ’65
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.
Andrew Castle Westervelt (1923)
Charles Wetmore
Mary von Holt (1912) White
John M. and Mary S. Whitney
Elsie H. Wilcox (1897)
S. W. Wilcox Trust
Elizabeth K. Wilder
Gerrit Wilder (1884)
Lillilan K. Wilder
Dougie Fronk Wilson ’46
Dr. William and Dr. Margaret Lai Won
Won Family
Dr. and Mrs. Mankwan Wong
Terry ’57 and Kathleen Wong Family
Wally, Elizabeth and Isabella ’20 Wong Family
Robert W. Wood Marcia Reed ’54 Wythes
Steven Yamane ’78
Charlotte Moulton ’42 Yates
Dr. Lester Francis Bing Koon Yee ’30 Family
Jean K. Yokoyama ’58 Family
Wah Duck and Grace K.S. Young +
Carlton ’92 and Kwan Yee (Cindy) Yuen +
Patricia F.Y. Zane ’43
Vernon M. O. Zane ’52

Fund Management

All endowed funds are held in perpetuity and invested as part of Punahou’s overall endowment. Payout from the endowment is 4.5% over 20 rolling quarters.

The book and market values of endowed funds are reported to donors annually, along with a brief description of the use of the funds. In the case of endowed financial aid funds, donors receive thank you correspondence from student beneficiaries. In addition, all named endowed funds are listed in the annual report.

Performance Over Time

As of June 30, 2017

Punahou’s endowment is managed by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees, and Cambridge Associates, LLC has been our portfolio advisor since 1997.

Noelehua Lyons ’91 Archambault
Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Holly Paulson ’87 Sereni
Acting Director of Development

Kikilia Fordham ’82
Director of Leadership Reunion Giving