Cultivating a Lifetime of Purpose

The Impact of Inspired Learning

A Punahou education develops values and character as much as it does intellectual or physical ability, preparing children for a lifetime of personal fulfillment, authenticity and purpose. It is the thoughtfulness and dedication of our faculty that have inspired countless Punahou students to face the world’s challenges with leadership and vision. The attentive cultivation of values sets Punahou graduates apart in the world and inspires them to a lifelong sense of personal and public purpose.



John Radway ’54 


Tall, graceful and always curious, Claire Radway was the light of her husband, John’s, life. The two shared a passion for history and philosophy that fueled their travels and love of reading together. Before they met, Claire had shared her enthusiasm for literature as a teacher. Because of her own difficulty learning to read as a girl, she was gifted at helping students with similar challenges. When John chose to create an endowed fund at Punahou to honor his late wife’s memory, he did so with the stipulation that the Claire Radway Literacy Fund be used to support literacy as a gateway to the joy of lifelong learning that his late wife embodied.

“Claire’s passion for learning is the reason why we’ve always supported Punahou for offering the type of well-rounded education that results in a love of life.”John Radway ’54

“My science class has actively influenced my day-to-day life. I’ve actually gone home and changed the way I live – the things I’m eating, what I’m buying.”    Claire Cutler ’18
“Meaningful learning is work that is embedded in the real world and connected to things we truly care about – people, places, cultures, community needs. It inspires us to learn more deeply, ensuring that learning endures and that we are able to apply what we learned to different situations in the future.”      Emily McCarren
Academy Principal