1841 Society

Members of the 1841 Society are vital partners investing in the priorities of the School. They have established endowed funds that will support the School in perpetuity, have helped fund major renovations or new facilities on campus or have given unrestricted funds. Honoring donors of $50,000 or more in a fiscal year, or those who have given $1 million over their lifetime, these individuals enable Punahou to pursue its boldest aspirations and fulfill its promise as an educational thought leader. Thank you for your remarkable partnership and generosity.


∞ Ku‘u Punahou Honor Roll - recognizes current donors who make a gift of any size to Punahou in consecutive years, celebrating their commitment to our ongoing Ku‘u Punahou campaign. 

# True Buff ’n Blue - celebrates current donors who embody the spirit of giving that ensures Punahou’s continued excellence by giving to Punahou for 25 years or more.

* Deceased as of June 30, 2018