Program Funds

Endowed Program Funds support faculty and staff professional development, curriculum and specific areas of study and activity across the campus. Punahou has 239 Endowed Program Funds as of June 30, 2018, focusing on such diverse and important endeavors as art, Hawaiian studies, music, athletics, ethics, public service, global education, technology and sustainability. Among them are Legacy Funds that generate income for use by the School to fund its highest priorities.

New Funds

Steven Casano and Helen Chao-Casano Family Endowed Music Fund

Music brought Steven Casano and Helen Chao-Casano together, and it has been the guiding element in their family's life story. Steven and Helen met as undergraduate music majors at the Crane School of Music in New York. They relocated to Hawai‘i so that Steven could pursue his studies in ethnomusicology, and the two have both been teaching as piano faculty members of Punahou Music School for the past 10 and 20 years, respectively. Helen was appointed director of the Music School in 2007 and her leadership has enriched the lives of thousands of students, both from Punahou and other schools. Their children, Luca ’22 and Leonardo ’24, are also actively involved in the Punahou orchestra program and in the Music School.

As musicians and music educators, Steven Casano and Helen Chao-Casano recognize the transformative and enduring impact of music. The Steven Casano and Helen Chao-Casano Family Endowed Fund was established to support music programs at Punahou.

Marcine Lichter ’53 Friedman Endowed Fund for Visiting Artists

Sacramento-based artist Marcy Lichter ’53 Friedman has been a champion for the arts in every area of her life. In honor of her 65th Reunion, she chose to share this impact with Punahou through a new endowed fund. “There is no substitute for the early introduction of the arts into the school curriculum,” says Friedman. “By actually ‘doing’ or ‘making’ art, a child taps into unknown sources of creativity that lead neatly into stimulating creative thinking at all levels. The gifted artists I have met throughout my life have profoundly inspired me. It is my hope that Punahou students will find meeting with accomplished artists to be a catalyst to motivate them in the exploration of their own creativity.” 

The Marcine Lichter ’53 Friedman Endowed Fund for Visiting Artists will support the disciplines of visual arts, music, poetry, dance, performing arts and architecture, with funding for visiting artists and those distinguished in their discipline to benefit students and teachers across all grades.

Donna Lee Sandler ’68 Harris & Kenneth J. Harris Endowed Fund for the Advancement of Critical Thinking

While carpooling with other Punahou eighth-graders, Donna Lee Sandler ’68 Harris would often engage in lively debates. Long before she had heard of the Socratic Method, playing “devil’s advocate” during those car rides helped Donna learn to think and argue critically. Punahou’s rigorous academic curriculum, together with exposure to a range of ideas, taught Donna how to learn – not simply memorize facts, but to conceptualize, synthesize, evaluate and articulate information, and to become a lifelong learner. Hearing from speakers such as civil rights activist James Farmer, singer-songwriter Kui Lee and French actor and singer Maurice Chevalier, and experiences like watching Nixon’s “Checkers Speech” in her senior year history class, expanded Donna’s perspective and prepared her for engaged citizenship. Donna and her husband, Kenneth, were married in Thurston Memorial Chapel and chose to create an endowed program fund in honor of Donna’s 50th Reunion with gratitude to her parents, Louis and Constance Sandler, and in tribute to their sons, Christopher and Kevin, who are great critical thinkers. 

The family is grateful for its Punahou experiences, as students, alumni and parents, and hopes that their scholarship fund makes it possible for future young people to embrace and appreciate all that Punahou has to offer.

John ’74 and Carri Morgan Family

John ’74 and Carri Morgan live the belief that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” John’s family legacy at Punahou dates back to his great-great grandfather Charles Hastings Judd, who was a member of the first class of Punahou students from 1842 – 1856. Carri served the Punahou community for 24 years as a substitute teacher, summer school teacher, outdoor education coordinator, teaching assistant for grades 1 and 2, eighth-grade ethics teacher and director of the Luke Center for Public Service. The two are also grateful for the rich and diverse learning experiences all three of their children – Jason ’01, Kyle ’03 and Lindsey ’09 – enjoyed at Punahou. Realizing the depth of their legacy, the opportunities they’ve had and the responsibility they bear, they chose to create an endowed program fund at the School.

The John ’74 and Carri Morgan Family Fund was established by John and Carri to support opportunities for students to engage in service learning. Their goals for the fund parallel their life interests – environmental stewardship, outdoor education and Hawaiian culture – as well as their shared life values, which are based on a deep sense of stewardship and responsibility.

Uncle Scott’s Surf ’N Turf

Dr. Scott Wong ’78 was a Honolulu dentist who was deeply loved by his family and friends, many of whom affectionately called him “Uncle Scott.” His nieces, Jenny ’20 and Madison ’20, were practically joined to him at the hip and Uncle Scott is an important part of many of their childhood memories – such as being picked up by him after school on Fridays for a great afternoon together. Scott’s ‘ohana was as big as his heart, and his family and friends feel blessed to have known such a kind, giving and thoughtful man. Everywhere he went, from his favorite surf spot at Kewalos, collecting antiques or simply going to his office, he took care of people along the way. Whether it was the homeless, the elderly or his loved ones, Scott would always find joy in cooking for people or surprising them with their favorite foods. 

Uncle Scott’s Surf ‘N Turf Endowed Fund honors the memory and kind legacy of Dr. Scott Wong ’78 at Punahou School to help meet basic needs that are necessary for students to be successful. Reflecting Scott’s passions, the fund supports those who are food-insecure through programs, activities and other forms of assistance.

Fund List

Punahou Memorial Legacy Fund

This fund is a lasting tribute to honor alumni, faculty, staff, family and friends. Contributions to the fund are given in remembrance for loved ones who have passed. The fund benefits students and teachers for generations to come and carries on the legacy of the Punahou ‘ohana.

The Punahou Memorial Legacy Fund received gifts this year in remembrance of:

Marita Biven
Ryder K. Onopa ’05  


Class years after 1930 are abbreviated.

Bold type indicates funds to which additional contributions were made during the 2017 – 2018 fiscal year.

+ indicates new Endowed Funds established during the 2017 – 2018 fiscal year.