From student financial aid to educational programs, a strong endowment provides long-term support for an institution’s priorities and is an important indicator of its financial health. Since 1859, when Punahou’s first named endowed fund was established, donors have provided a permanent source of current and future revenue streams for the School’s educational mission by contributing to its endowment.

What is the Impact of Punahou’s Endowment?

In 2016 – 2017 Punahou’s endowment provided approximately $10.6 million to support the School’s priorities (through an annual spending policy of 4.5 percent of the previous 20-quarter rolling average fund balance).

$3.0 million for financial aid

Building a stable, long-term resource for need-based student financial aid, Punahou’s 455 endowed financial aid funds made it possible for 665 talented students to attend the School this year, who would not have been able to otherwise.

$1.2 million for educational programs

Punahou’s 189 endowed program funds allow for the ongoing development of educational programs – such as those that support global education, sustainability initiatives and faculty professional growth.

$6.4 million in unrestricted funds for operations

Punahou’s 54 funds for unrestricted operations are essential to the success of an institution as large and complex as Punahou, which demands significant flexibility for meeting immediate and unforeseen needs – whether facilities upkeep, student learning or new teaching opportunities.