Buff+Blue=Green: Educating for a Sustainable Future

Educating for a sustainable future is embedded in the Aims of a Punahou Education. Since the 2005 Sustainability Summit, which urged for greener practices at both the institutional and personal level, the School has advanced this goal in a variety of ways. In addition to fostering a campus culture that holds sustainability as a core value inside and outside the classroom, Punahou has invested significantly in efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and to be a model for other schools in sustainable facilities design, programs and teaching philosophies.

As President Jim Scott '70 notes, "Ultimately, we know that Punahou's commitment to a healthier planet is expressed most powerfully in the lives of our students and alumni. Their creativity, imagination and leadership inspire our optimism in building a sustainable future."

This video features the voices of our students: their hopes and fears regarding the future of the earth, and above all, their deep awareness and commitment to the great task that lies ahead.

If educating for a sustainable future is important to you, please consider supporting the Ku'u Punahou Campaign. More information about sustainability and its role in the campaign can be found here.