Diverse Learning Community

Ongoing Professional Growth Through Reflection
In their sixth year and every five years thereafter, Punahou Academy teachers participate in a Haku year, in which they reflect on their teaching practices as part of ongoing professional development. Teachers investigate a topic of their choice that has both curricular and personal importance.
Ku'u Punahou: Financial Aid – Where We Are Today

Many of our donors have taken advantage of the ongoing Changing Lives Challenge, which matches every dollar donated to create or expand an endowed financial aid fund by $25,000 or more – doubling impact and increasing opportunities for promising children to attend Punahou without being limited by family finances.

Embracing the Punahou Journey
Star Dahl-Thurston '16

Star Dahl-Thurston '16 is not afraid to be her own person. As a finalist in the Damon Speech contest, class president her sophomore year, or a teaching assistant in the after-school Chinese language immersion program at Wo International Center, Dahl-Thurston projects a confidence, warmth and curiosity that allow her bright personality to shine.

Lesley Brey '77 – Generations of Learning and Giving

Lesley Brey's daughter came home one afternoon with an anxious look on her face and asked, "Mom, were you a bad student when you were at Punahou?" Brey's Punahou years flashed through her mind. She recalled the mostly good grades, a great group of friends and, then, that night they "broke" into the ROTC building.

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