Art of Teaching

Beyond X's and O's

Teaching the mechanics of a basketball free throw is one thing, but how do you teach an athlete how to make a free throw when the game is on the line? Looking to answer that question, Punahou welcomed sports performance consultant Dr. Mike Voigh, who visited the School Oct. 4 – 5.

Gamifying History Class

"I'm Thaddeus Hair and I'm 85 years old." These are not the words you'd expect to come out of a high-schooler's mouth. Yet, Thaddeus, along with Comfort Onion, Zodak and Rufus Toule, were not rehearsing for a play, they were engaged in a history lesson.

The Neuroscience of Learning

True or false? People only use 10 percent of their brain. Multitasking is possible. Some people are more "right-brained" while others are "left-brained." All these statements are false!

Teachers Strand Brings Together Global Educators
The three-day Global Education Teachers Strand brought together educators from nine different countries. During the fifth annual workshop, which coincided with Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI), teachers discussed and explored what it means to be a global educator.
Educators Explore Personalized Learning at Punahou Lab School
"What are the core concepts and elements in our bold and transformative vision and definition of personalized learning?" This was one of the questions at the heart of the Punahou Lab School, which emphasizes teachers collaborating with other educators through facilitated inquiry and dialog.
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