Junior School Learning Commons: A 3-D Journey
Last spring, Punahou students from grades 4 – 11 created an interactive, virtual model of the Junior School Learning Commons by harnessing augmented reality technology. The project was led by Malia Kiang '18 and Carson Loughridge '22, who handled the production and programming, respectively. In June, Kiang and Loughridge shared their work with hundreds of reunioning alumni during Alumni Celebration.
Student Global Leadership Institute: From India to Punahou
Wo International Center's Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI) was launched at Punahou in 2010, and has inspired a community of international youth leaders who are engaged in understanding shared global challenges and who galvanize positive social change. In 2016, a second SGLI was introduced in Hyderabad, India, at Oakridge International School. Each year, a theme is chosen to guide students' thinking. This year's theme is peace.
Beyond X's and O's

Teaching the mechanics of a basketball free throw is one thing, but how do you teach an athlete how to make a free throw when the game is on the line? Looking to answer that question, Punahou welcomed sports performance consultant Dr. Mike Voigh, who visited the School Oct. 4 – 5.

Gamifying History Class

"I'm Thaddeus Hair and I'm 85 years old." These are not the words you'd expect to come out of a high-schooler's mouth. Yet, Thaddeus, along with Comfort Onion, Zodak and Rufus Toule, were not rehearsing for a play, they were engaged in a history lesson.

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