Ongoing Professional Growth Through Reflection
In their sixth year and every five years thereafter, Punahou Academy teachers participate in a Haku year, in which they reflect on their teaching practices as part of ongoing professional development. Teachers investigate a topic of their choice that has both curricular and personal importance.
Faculty Corner: Notes on Budapest
In July 2015, Mike Lippert, Academy Music Department head and choir teacher, and Amanda Lippert, K — 1 music teacher, with their two children, Greg '26 and Nohea '29, embarked on a life-changing journey that took them 7,000 miles away from Hawai'i. Their destination, Budapest, Hungary, would be their new home for six months while Mike and Amanda furthered their learning at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét.
Teaching Language Skills for Life
Discussing these questions and exploring the answers was at the heart of the Dalton-Punahou Global Language and Culture Institute, a conference that features workshops on topics of interest to teachers of world and classical languages, kindergarten – grade 12.
Video Challenge Shows Purpose in Process

"Great teachers know that each brain is unique; that all brains are not equally good at everything; that the brain is a complex, dynamic system and is changing daily by experiences."

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