Donor Stories

A Passion Passed on to the Next Generation
Patrick Vinton Kirch '68

In 1963, Patrick Kirch '68 was an inquisitive 13-year-old growing up in Manoa Valley with a fascination for ancient civilizations fueled by long afternoons exploring old lo'i terraces and other traces of Hawai'i's past.

Seeing Possibility, Building Solutions
Carlton '92 and Cindy Yuen

For Carlton '92 and Cindy Yuen, Punahou is a place where possibility becomes reality. Carlton experienced how the School nurtures potential both in his own life and now, in the lives of his children.

A Gift of Hope and Expectation
Chris '67 and Monica Mamiya '77 McLaren

For Chris '67 and Monica Mamiya '77 McLaren, Punahou has shaped their lives in so many ways that the school is inextricably part of who they are. The two first met as teachers in the Junior School, where Monica taught first, second, fourth and fifth grade for 28 years and Chris taught fourth grade for 12 years. But they had already experienced Punahou as students, both entering in seventh grade.

A Gift to Inspire
Bill Haning '67

William F. Haning III '67 was my speech team partner in 1966 when we performed a well-received rendition of a scene from Neil Simon's "Barefoot in the Park." He played the straight man whose subversive wit and Aussie accent seduced the judges and tickled the audience.

Helping Students Grow through Global Experiences
Stuart Gurney and Junjun Wu-Gurney

For Stuart Gurney and Junjun Wu-Gurney, crossing borders has always opened up opportunities. Their generous gifts to the Wo International Center and the Junior School honor the idea of expanding horizons and serve as a gracious thanks for the education that their son, Sean Gurney '92, received.

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