Campaign Stories

Teaching Language Skills for Life
Discussing these questions and exploring the answers was at the heart of the Dalton-Punahou Global Language and Culture Institute, a conference that features workshops on topics of interest to teachers of world and classical languages, kindergarten – grade 12.
The Skills that Matter

Jeff and David are seniors and good friends. They've attended Punahou since kindergarten and play water polo together. But over the years, David has noticed some growing differences between them. Jeff is one of the "smart kids." He has always taken honors and AP classes, even in the summer.

Helping Students Grow through Global Experiences
Stuart Gurney and Junjun Wu-Gurney

For Stuart Gurney and Junjun Wu-Gurney, crossing borders has always opened up opportunities. Their generous gifts to the Wo International Center and the Junior School honor the idea of expanding horizons and serve as a gracious thanks for the education that their son, Sean Gurney '92, received.

Reunion Giving

Each year, over 5,000 alumni celebrate their Class Reunion. It is not only a time to reconnect with classmates, but also allows for reflection and appreciation of treasured memories of their time at Punahou.

Video Challenge Shows Purpose in Process

"Great teachers know that each brain is unique; that all brains are not equally good at everything; that the brain is a complex, dynamic system and is changing daily by experiences."

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