Campaign Stories

Learning How to Be a Friend
Junior-school counselor Lauli'a Phillips '98 Ah Wong explores the concept of friendship with students in Kindergarten through second grade. From an early age, developing meaningful relationships is a large part of all students' lives, including, through this lesson, learning how to be a good friend.
Tools for Creating Positive Change in the Community

Luke Center for Public Service recently welcomed guests to share expertise with students and faculty around making change happen in the community, introducing effective methods to dig into messy, complex issues.

A Recharging Station
The Restorative Studio, located in the Learning Commons in Cooke Library, is just the place for students, faculty and staff to take in some rest and relaxation. Started as a prototype based on an articulated need for restorative and healing activities, the studio now hosts a regular schedule of sessions.
The Cutting Edge

The familiar scents of sawdust and wood glue hang in the air at Frear Student Shop as teams of sixth-grade students crowd around stacks of freshly-cut wood. Slowly, the students assemble and glue the pieces as a variety of 3-D creatures begin to take shape.

Laying the Foundation for the Learning Commons

A quick look at the construction site of Phase 1b shows pockets of rebar sprouting from recently poured concrete foundations. The project remains on schedule to be completed and ready for opening in fall 2019.

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